Full Board



  • Full use of facilities

  • Twice daily feeding with Tri County barn grain or owner supplied grain

  • Owner provided supplements and oral meds administered with feedings

  • Free choice quality hay (1st cutting, 2nd cutting, and alfalfa)

  • Fresh water daily (troughs heated in fields during winter)

  • Group turnout (weather permitting)

  • Horses kept inside during inclement weather, or during excessive heat/cold

  • Fly masks/fly sheets in the summer

  • Blanketing in the winter as needed

working board

$450 - $525

Working boarders enjoy all the same amenities as regular full board, but at a fraction of the price!

  • Pay $525/month in exchange for feeding 5 times during the month

  • Pay $450/month in exchange for feeding 10 times during the month

  • AM and PM feedings available - we work around your schedule

  • Other discounts available for stall cleaning

Stall Opening!

We will have one stall open as of early November! Please contact us for more details.