About us

Quatervois Farm, established in 2017, is an equine boarding facility located just south of Leesburg, VA.  We provide quality care for your horse, at a reasonable price. It is run by Morgan Johnson and Beth Zielinski.

When our former barn manager, Eric Smith, told us he was retiring and closing the barn, we knew we couldn't let that happen!  Quatervois, formerly La Bella Luna, has been a part of both of our lives for many years.  We love it here, and so do our horses!  So we made the decision to take over management of the farm, and keep the spirit of Eric going for as long as we can.

As of August 1, 2019, Quatervois will be moving! We have decided to move the horses to a lovely barn in Leesburg, VA. We are very excited for this move! Please stay tuned as we update the website with new pictures.